In India,we try everything possible 2 stop a writer from coming to a literary meet because you see,he expressed some religious views in a book some 24 yrs ago…but mind you,WE aRe A DEMOCRACY!

We grant election tickets 2 candidates not on the basis of merit,but on the basis of if or nt they have a hereditary right 2 it..but then,we live in the land of karunanidhis,pawars,abdullahs & ofcourse gandhis!…but dn agn,WE aRe A DEMOCRACY!

We don’t grant asylum 2 a writer hounded out frm her country because she wrote against religious extremism..yet our beloved leaders don’t lose a chance to speak out against extremists..HELL WE ARE A DEMOCRACY!

We summon to court social networking sights for allowing individual freedom of speech,..&even a search engine because it leads us to sights which give more information on the very keywords we type in! did u forget,WE ARE A DEMOCRACY!

how are we any different from,say,a china???OH I FORGOT, WE R A DEMOCRACY,SILLY!


11 thoughts on “INDIA!!

  1. if you accept my comments, I would advise a little filtering and say it more acceptably. Take that time to add more words to make it acceptable, rather than crude closings.

  2. I agree.You see this was my first blog post and i just wanted to get on with it.,..
    But i see what you are trying to say.
    I have seen your posts sir,(if i may call you that.i am way younger!)and i can’t tell you how much i like them.
    I would really appreciate it if you go to this link and check out a story i won me the prize,bt i think there were too many flaws.i want to know wat u think.

    • Hey Nabadip, call me Kam. No Sirrrrrrring please. 🙂 Age is cool, but when you think of working at a corporate, you end up calling a 50+ Executive by his name. Haha… 😀 ( we do it, though I don’t like it.) (I don’t know how it feels, but I have a desire to called – ‘dada’, inspired by Tagore of Bengal, etc…)

      Would you want to try ‘dada-ing’ me? Haha… 😀

      My posts are simple with no complex/a little deeper words, cause I don’t know many words. I have a very poor vocabulary. Haha… Having said that, I love to express, with however little I know. And, I am much too humiliated with your say about liking them. Shouldn’t I be? 🙂

      Appreciate you! I see influence of middle English Literature and plays of great souls in your comments (and a few writings too).

      I very well see that and thought as much, about this being your first post, however I must have held my quick-word, for I started reading your blog from the latest. Haha…. 😀

      Congratulations for your prize! I will read your prize winner! I am touched by your gesture of showing me your award-winning article and asking my opinion. Let me post for you, what I think. But, I am not too good at that, except for one or two comments.

      thanks for taking what I said, positively and when time permits, please edit this post too. 🙂

      Hahaha… 😀 with love, my dear bro, do well in life. 🙂

  3. hey Nabadip Bhai (NB/bro)! your note for the contest did not allow me wait till you finish your exams. I read your Prize winner. No wonder, you won it – such a wonderful piece, I say.

    Let me not praise you too much, as it’s not so good for your mental health during exams season. That’s addictive and takes time and mind away, like the Colonel’s for Army! I would have been surprised, if you were not to get a prize! But again, there are billion plus in India.

    I see a saint (so be it) narrating till the end, but not with the rat poison. I was upset, a little. But that’s how the plans will be when afflicted by the ‘ab’normal life after mom’s death; routine disappointments for a hopeless son to a hopeful dad who has long forgotten the meaning of ‘hope’; etc…

    What you wrote is indeed real! I have seen, gone through (not to the extent you wrote though) till I was 16. But, later that, my dad was my best friend! Love him! He always took me into confidence after my +2. And, before that, he treated me like crap! Of course, I was sarcastic too. Hahaha…. 😀 He got a ticket for free to live in Heaven. He didn’t miss that chance and said ‘bye’! Haha… 😀

    Again, what you wrote in your post is not strange at all to me or many sons and daughters of life, in India (at the least).

    Keep up your writing. Keep up your pace.

    With love, I wish you a real good and useful exam period and finish your temporary phase of insanity with success! After all, blogger friends are just available with any published post. We will wait for your successful return.

    I had last written my exams when I was 22. Not any other academic exam after that, but life is taking me through a test every now and then. Haha… 😀

    Mentioning again, surely encourage you after having known your age, but not much a praise! Take it easy and take care bhai!

    With love,

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