What Makes A Criminal A Criminal

You get up in the morning.Take the newspaper.Sure enough there will be atleast(i m being optimistic here) one case of murder or rape or snatching or the list goes on.Before you know it you have cursed the person behind the deed and moved on to more comfortable things.But do we spend a second thinking what made him or her do it?
Ofcourse,it will be foolish to say that these people shouldnt b cursed.However one also needs to retrospect on what drives these people to such crimes.
A rapist cannot be a born rapist.He picks up the ‘trade’.More often then not these are the people who have grown up in families with no holds barred domestic violence.An example would be Minhazul Karim,who raped and killed 10 teenagers in Guwahati,India before being arrested.It soon came to light that Karim grew up in a family where his father,in a drunken state used to beat up his mother everyday.He was sent off to live with his maternal uncle for the better.It just so happened that this uncle of him used to sexually abuse the boy from the age of 13.Hardly conducive.On growing up ,he decided on ‘striking back’.
Does this lend legitamacy to his actions?Hell,no!But it tells us it wasnt entirely his fault either.

Likewise,a high percentage of thieves and dacoits are drawn to the crime not by greed,but by need.Its another matter that the need later transforms into greed.Take the example of Paan Singh Tomar.This man was a sporting hero for India having represented the country in athletics events around the world,winning medals to the dozen…However,he returns to his village one day to see his father’s land wrongfully occupied.He runs around for help.None comes.He is past his prime in the running track.There’s no way he can earn money with the farming land gone.The only option he had was to join a band of dacoits.Just like in his sprinting career,he went on to become one of the ‘legends’ in this field too.

Mind you,many criminals are not driven to crime like the above examples.Point i am trying to make is,there are many who are.Its time we set our society to order without blindly punishing these people for their crimes.
We need to realize what makes a criminal become a criminal.


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