Rahul Dravid -enough said-

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There was something about Rahul Sharad Dravid that set him apart from the rest.
He wasnt the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of a batsman.He gave the impression that every run needed to be toiled for..and therein lay his charm.Mind you,it wasn’t that he couldnt play a whirlwind knock…There are too many examples to recount.But there was a strange appeal in the way he made his test runs.Each innings was an work of art,and the artist,dare I say embodied the whole essence of test cricket-restraint and watchfulness with an equal measure of flamboyance.One remembers his partnership with Laxman at the Eden Gardens.While Laxman took the Aussies to task, Dravid put his head down and went on frustrating them from the other end.

The world would perhaps never again see more dedicated a teamman.If the team needed,you would find Dravid at point,if the team needed,you would find him behind the stumps!
The man even had three international wickets!

And through all of it,he never gave up trying to imrove himself.When he started out,he was a bad fielder.He ended his career with the record for most catches.This exemplifies Rahul Dravid.

I still remember the reaction generated on a young boy(me i.e.) on seeing Dravid, holding his helmet to a side and letting the sweat drip down.Later on when i started playing for my cricket coaching centre I would do the exact same stunt,just that i never used to sweat that much!

I can’t wait to see him take guard during IPL 5.
Way to go,sir!


6 thoughts on “Rahul Dravid -enough said-

  1. Rahul is an absolute legend. An absolute team player and one of the greatest Indian player to grace the cricket field. I hope he does well in IPL 5.

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  3. jst a legend……..awesome!!!!!!!!
    standing for 90 overs in a day @ da slip….for a catch…..
    unbelievable……concentration power…
    god bless him

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