The Curious Case of Mr.Jamal. (name changed!)

Its strange how we tend to forget the people we like and admire in our years of growing up,but remember everything about those we don’t.

One such man was Mr.Jamal,our maths teacher when I was in the 6th grade.All through the 5th we heard about the treatment he reserved for the young souls who put one wrong step in his classes.It was rumoured that once in a while,he smiled,though he was never caught in the act ! It was also said that once upon a time he was one of the more popular teachers in the school.That was so revolting a thought that it was easier to believe George W Bush had a thing called common sense ! He walked with a limp,an injury he was said to have sustained when playing soccer in his younger days.Don’t know why,but that’s equally revolting a thought.Him playing soccer i mean!

So it came as an anticlimax,when he limped into our class on the first day,wide smile in his face.Wow,we thought,the man does smile after all!
We were almost coming to the conclusion that all the rumours were,well,rumours,when he asked me to get up.
“Well boy,how would you define a triangle?”
I had gained in confidence,what with his friendly behaviour and even a smile as he asked the question.Looking back,i should have realized that the smile was a sadistic one!
”Sir,a triangle is a figure with three sides.”
Time came to a standstill.everyone froze.I remember the girl beside me was reaching for her water bottle.Her hand remained suspended in air for the next minute!Before i knew it i was slapped again.He then went to the board and drew a figure with three sides,but all lines curved!
“This according to you is a triangle?”

The next year was a year I wouldn’t forget for all the wrong reasons.I remember another incident.
That day,during his period there was a teachers’ meeting.We were more relieved then happy.A game started soon on who could imitate Mr.Jamal’s limp the best! The period was almost over when my turn came.I guess i was doing pretty well,when everyone stopped laughing.Oh no,this could mean only one thing!Turning around I saw,YOU-KNOW-WHO standing behind me.
What happend next is anyone’s guess.Suffice to say,it wasnt pleasant.!

The same man is now bedridden,paralysed after a stroke.I wish him well.


15 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Mr.Jamal. (name changed!)

  1. Nice story. We had a teacher by the name Mr. Parvez when we were in class 7,8. I don’t know if you are writing about the same person or not, but he shared the same features. Probably there was no boy in our class who didn’t get a slap from him. The girls, amazingly were spared the honor. We were scared of him like anything. So your story reminds me of something similar which happened to us in class 7.
    He taught us science, We had a class and for some reasons most of us in our class didn’t do the homework. So someone had the novel idea of hiding in the nearest best hiding place to our class – the toilet. So we stuffed ourselves 2 each in each of the 3 tiny compartments of the loo. and we were happy that at least we wont get slapped. But as it turned out we were wrong. More on what happened later….

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