April Fools?! They are just fools!

With April Fool’s Day coming up,here are the list of 3 people I admire for their foolishness,or call it dumbness!

At no.3 is a certain George W Bush…Do i even need to elaborate as to why he is gracing the podium?!
Here’s one of his gaffes though! My favourite!
“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful and SO ARE WE!They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our people and NEITHER DO WE!”
Really Georgy?

At No.2 is the vampire-lover Kristen Stewart.
If you have seen her oh-so-dumb facial expressions during interviews you would know what I mean.During one such interview,when asked who her target audience was,she benignly replied,
“You know,I don’t want to make movies for kids.I also don’t want to make movies for adults either,you know?”
We know Miss Bella,we know!Here we have someone who makes her movies for animals,and er,vampires i guess!

By now you must have guessed who is at the top?
Well done,it indeed is the heiress,PARIS HILTON (start clapping,do!)
I won’t dwell much in her case,but here are two of my favourite Hiltonisms! —>
“No no,I didn’t go to England,I went to London”
“Oh I know who is the Prime Minister of BRITAIN,Gordon Ramsey,isn’t it?



14 thoughts on “April Fools?! They are just fools!

  1. Great quotes! Though to be fair, many Indians are like Paris Hilton. When they ask me where I’m from and I say England or the UK they turn to all their friends and say ‘She’s from London’!

    Thanks for visitng my blog and liking my post.

    Dorinda (lakesideindia)

    • The name of Lalu Prasad comes to my mind..he is politically shrewd,but quite dumb in all other respects..
      If you move to bollywood,Mallika sherawat is our answer to stewart!

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