The Joy Of Giving – thanks to Emirates!

Before I tell you about this incident let me clarify that do not be fooled by the first part of the title.I am no philanthropist.Primarily because I still live off my father and pocket money isn’t really something you like to share!However when fate steps in, there’s only so much you could do,and well,I admit helping out people in need does make you feel good!
Joy of giving,Amen!

My aunt’s Emirates flight from Dubai was supposed to land at 8:15am.What with our home being a 5minute drive to the airport,I drove out at around 8..Lots of time,I thought,and stopped at a roadside stall for yet another cup of tea(my third this morning,and there also was a nescafe inbetween!).The man had just handed over the one-time cup when my phone went berserk.My mother.
“Where are you,your aunt’s been waitรญng at the airport for the last five minutes.The flight landed 40mins before time”.
There are times when you love Air India for it’s punctuality,the lack of it that is.This is one such instance!
I had,right then, an extreme sense of loathing on the efficiency of Emirates!

Keeping the phone back I looked pityfully on my yet untouched cup of tea and sighed..What a sigh it was; the heart,as Shakespeare would say,was sorely charged!There was no way.
I had to let it go.The thought of drinking while I drive did cross my mind,but the result was so disastrous last time around that it was quickly ignored!

I was throwing away the
cup,when out of the corner of my eye,i saw a boy, maybe two years younger then me looking longingly at the biscuit in my hand.His shirt was in rags,the trouser so soiled that you wouldn’t know what the orginal color was.I am not good at sentiments and emotions,and I hardly get carried away,yet the way he kept looking made me feel bad..
When I called him and gave him both the tea and the biscuit,his smile made my day!
Well,perhaps,or rather surely I wouldn’t have done this if Emirates wasn’t in a hurry.However,this incident made me realize,exactly what people mean when they say “joy of giving”.
Thank You Emirates!


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