And Now That You Are 18!

One of the most charming people I have ever met has her 18th birthday tomorrow…Got me thinking,it did,and as I sat by my window- yup,the eyes wide shut mode again,though thankfully no guitars were thrown out by my neighbour this time!- I thought of the 3 best things that people could do when they turn 18!
There are ofcource the normal things like voting,gambling,sex(the legal one,i mean!),R-rated movies,etc.But who cares about normal things?

3.You could join the army.Theoretically speaking that means you could now officially blow off other people’s head,as long as you are doing it for your country!

2.You are now fit to be jailed in the ‘adult’ jails!Some achievement,that.
Well done,i say!

1.You could elope with your lover.
Though,i advise strong parental guidance in this one!!


26 thoughts on “And Now That You Are 18!

  1. Mate are you in love ? I would suggest you woo her before you miss the bus if you have not caught it….rather than write on you blogs a.k.a Hrithik Roshan in Lakhshya….This comes from an old hand at missing the bus !!!!

  2. Hey sunny,no!
    Though i admit i have tried wooing her,i guess we are just good friends,and i don’t think i have a problm wd dt!
    Nd realy sory abt u missin the bus…

  3. hahah good one! lol.. i can’t stop laughing because i remember of an incident with my best friends when we both were discussing the same- “THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU TURN 18” it was fun and also included a lot more devilish crimes πŸ˜€

      • yeahh!! the best one that i remembered was that we can legally own a pistol licence and guess what- We can shoot our teachers (no offences :p , we were kids). Others were driving car off the cliff and doing stunts and there are more which i definately cannot discuss over here LOL… (pinky promised my friend not to them them. )

    • Dsnt just mean marrying!
      Means to run away from home and marry,or in present times,to run away and have a live-in relationship!
      Fairly common in India,haha!

  4. now it’s my 3 yr in college and i m getting same feelings like this what i would be doing in future….job??uh may be mba may be masti time …damn confused ha ha…nice one……awesome

  5. I was in the audience when you recieved your prize at the KLM,and have read that story!
    Stumbled across your blog now,and I think i am becoming a fan of your writing:):):)
    can we be friends?
    Are you on fb?

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