A Pat On My Back AND Thank You!

I don’t really care much about statistics,but i would be lying if i say that i am not overwhelmed by the response this blog has received from everyone of you out there!
It’s been two weeks since i started(having opened shop on 27th march) and 14 days later I find my blog has generated a 1000 HITS!!!

Here’s a huge thank you to each and everyone of you who have taken the trouble of reading my posts!Some of you have even gone on to like and comment on the posts,so a bigger thank you!Dash it all,some of you have praised the way I write(er,type!),so you get the biggest thank you!
Keep them coming please!
Let’s hope i continue to make you laugh,i continue to make you think and I continue to receive your hits!
Next stop 10K


25 thoughts on “A Pat On My Back AND Thank You!

      • hahaha… 🙂 I see what you did to the comments on this post! hahaha… lol!
        yup! I am on fb. Barely use it though! find me as Kam Karan.

        Accept your fan’s request. One should need to honor what they receive!
        And, one should use what he has learnt and get back to tracks of learning if

        This happens to you, not just now but many more times going forward. You can’t stop it, mere bhai, from happening!

        I think, one has to be pinned by those sweet pangs or whatever! when the time comes. Then, Shakespeare gets a chance to live again!

        !!!delete this comment too!!! 🙂

  1. Nabadip… we are contemporary (not in age though) ! I too have opened my shop recently….:)
    and yes… I like your observant skills and your narration abilities.

    Keep walking(pls read writing) !

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