The problem with abbreviations is that at times people don’t really know what they mean,but still use it because others around them are!

This happened a couple of years ago.I had injured myself while playing cricket and was bedridden.
On the second day of the ordeal,I got a text message from a friend.Don’t remember the exact words,but it sort of went like this-

“Don’t worry bro!
You will get well real soon!just take care of yourself.LOL”

I couldn’t but call him up.I needed to know why he was laughing his ass off at my expense!
When i asked him why he was Laughing Out Loud or LOLing at my injury,here’s what he said-
“Holy shit man,i am so sorry!but I thought LOL meant Lots Of Love!”

now you tell me……SIGH!


16 thoughts on “LOL!

  1. This is exactly what happens all the time! People that are new to these abbreviated words don’t care to know what they mean before using them!
    Anyways, that was a nice a post.

  2. ha ha …once i thought dc means some software and my friend on grp chat was saying i gt dc ..i gt dc…….i thought may be they are tech geeks. dc may be some hi tech stuff…den i pinged one friend and asked wht is dc??
    she replied..dc==Disconnected…:p ha ha

  3. Haha…even I usually find difficult to understand these abbreviation.I remember When I came up with LOLZ I didnt understand it and I feel shy to ask its meaning to my friend at that time.then after sometimes I got an idea to look this word on googles.Thanks God googles helped me to understand this word & now I know it.Even people still use LOLZ for lots of love as well as laughing out loud & I conclude its meaning with the situation.Anyways,it was a very good blog.

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