Why I Wanted To Kick Myself!


There are times you want to kick yourself on every imaginable part of your body!I have had that urge a number of times,but never more then after the incident I am going to share today…

Happened when i was in the 9th grade.The teacher had announced the day before that there was going to be a history test that day.Now,let me clarify that I rather liked the subject.But when it came to that particular test,I was sure I was going to flunk.For one,the test itself was on a chapter I detested(exactly which,I don’t remember) and on the other hand,I was a busy young man those days-still am!You see,my love life had just made it’s debut,and at that point in time I spent more time thinking about my new chemistry with my lady love!History naturally had taken a backseat…

But,and its almost always a big but,low marks just won’t do!So,like the perfect criminal I decided to write the important points of that chapter in a small chit of paper and keep it with myself during the exam.Go ahead,call me a cheat!Not that I am in anyway trying to defend my actions,but I guess at that age you don’t have the good sense to distinguish between what’s right and what’s not.Fifteen minutes into the exam I was busy copying down the drivel when ma’am’s voice broke the silence in the class.

“What are you looking at over there?What’s in your hand?Stand up,stand up I said”

I was already a nervous wreck,and before I knew it-and before I had looked up-I said,

“Nothing ma’am,just my handkerchief.”

“What are you screaming for Nabadip?I am asking Avishek.”

Too late, I realized my blunder.Ma’am had caught another boy in the act and I had given myself away.By now I was sweating.Ma’am, sensing something amiss,came to my bench and sure enough the scratch paper stared back at her!Go ahead and call me a fool!

p.s.-Have you ever wanted to kick yourself?!


21 thoughts on “Why I Wanted To Kick Myself!

  1. Haha. I do not know what I would do if I was put in that situation. Not that I bring cheat sheets during exams tho… I never did that but instead, I ask my seatmate for the answers when I was not able to prepare. lol.

  2. nicely written,, 🙂
    when i was in 12 standard I was trying to ”help”my best buddy in Accounting paper but my bad luck I was caught by Examiner,,,,I just can’t imagine that again that is so weird
    anyway you are save so cheerssssssssss 😉

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