The Beautiful Blog Award

Beautiful Blogger Badge

And that’s my first award nomination!Are you clapping?!
Have received the nomination from TheStm198 ( and that makes it all the more satisfying,because her’s is indeed one of the most beautiful blogs around!Thank You!

Here are my nominations..reasons included!

1.Kam’s Column
For being so inspirational,both in his posts and more so in his replies in posts by other bloggers!

For coming up with ideas from her ‘mind'(her own words)!

3.Personal Concerns
Not many people get featured in Freshly Pressed!enough said.

For-as I said in one of her posts- making us realize that the world with all it’s violence still has people who make the problems and hardships of other people their own!

For writing from her heart..and being so self-deprecating!


Instructions for the award:

1.Thank the peson who gave you the award
2.Paste the award on your blog
3.Link the person who nominated you for the award
4.Nominate your choice of bloggers
5.Post links to the blogs you nominated


17 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blog Award

  1. Nabadip!

    I am absolutely delighted!

    Let me tell you that being nominated by you is nothing less than a feeling as being freshly pressed!

    You made my day!

    Thank you and I wish you a wonderful time blogging! Hope you achieve all that you have in mind!


  2. Clappinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg,,,,,,,
    Congrats for your award and thank you so much for nominated me,,,,I ma thanked full to you with core of my heart
    I am loving it

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  5. ~Clap ~clap ~CLAP

    congratulations brother! I knew before you got the award that your blog is beautiful and no need to go to a parlor! 🙂 thanks for nominating me. Will pick it up soon. 🙂

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