Versatile Blogger Award


Second award in a day?! Not really!
My Word Your (habiba danyal )had nominated me for this award some time back,but as things go,I noticed it today!I can’t thank you enough!
If any of you still haven’t seen her blog,do so now!
You,my dear reader,would come to know what the word versatile means!
Here are my nominations then-
I came to know more about Lucknow then I ever thought was possible from one of his posts..Take a bow,sir!

go to the above link,and you will know what i mean!

gem of a blog,this one!And besides,we both hate Arnab Goswami!

I taught you the meaning of ‘elope’…say thanks!
And that 10k bet is still on!

Very breezy writing!


again,a blog worth a read!

And that’s that!Congrats to each of you,thank you to Habiba,and i will pat my back again!

Three days after writing this post,I now see that Prakshi has given me a second nomination!’thank you’ is becoming a cliche in this blog,but thanks anyway!!
Instructions for the Versatile Blogger award nominees:
1. Nominate fellow bloggers of your choice.
2.inform the bloggers of their nomination!
3. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
4.Add the “Versatile Blogger Award” pic to your blog post.


17 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Well Nabadip,

    the nomination was a wonderful surprise for me. I am very honoured that you nominated my post, indeed 🙂 Tell me Nabadip, where can I vote for the best post that you have nominated ?

    I will post about this award as well.

    • see,what you do is post about the word,thank me in that,and nominate other people..then let them know they are nominated by pasting your post’s link in any one of their posts…and dont forget to include the award picture in your post!
      Basically,thats all you need to do!.

  2. thanku….itni shiddat se tujhe pane ki chaha ki ki har jare ne tujhse milane ki blah blah ki…
    .sharukh khan and his dialogues…well…thnks a lot nabadip!!

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