My lord,ARE YOU SURE?!

Yes.This is my first out and out rant.Hope it makes sense!The issue,dare I say, is explosive,so if you think I am wrong,please make sure I get an earful!

The Honourable Madras High Court recently passed the judgement that if a man calls his female colleague a ‘bitch’,then he would have committed an act of sexual harassment.You read it right.SEXUAL.
By the way,I wrote Madras and not Chennai,because I still don’t know why they changed the name.As Shakespeare would have said “What’s in a name?”But that’s another rant,another day.Let’s focus on the issue at hand.

I will make this clear from the outset,that in no way do I stand by the rascals who abuse women.I don’t.But hold on,sexual?Of course it’s a derogatory comment to make,who denies that?But does it fall under the purview of sexual crimes?I am sorry,but my small knowledge of the English language denies the motion.
I will raise a few points here-

1.A man calling his colleague a ‘bitch’ is an act of sexual harassment.Well and good.What if she, my dear reader,calls him a DOG?

2.What if she calls him the “son of a bitch”?But then I guess,that would mean a dog,so I have covered it in the first point.

3.What if one woman calls another a ‘bitch’?Will she be arrested for a SEXUAL crime too?

The most important point is why should a court of law have to step in?Today’s women are well capable of taking care of themselves.If she is abused in her workplace,99 times out of 100 she will fight back,and rightly so!Why should the Honourable Court waste time in passing senseless judgements when we have far more serious cases waiting for ages to be heard?

If someone abuses you using this specific word, make sure you pay him back on his own coin,but for God’s sake don’t call him a sexual offender.That would mean belittling the crimes of the real sexual offenders,if nothing else!

That’s it.


23 thoughts on “My lord,ARE YOU SURE?!

  1. even if dont go by literal meaning or dictionary meaning….i dont see any logic behind such decision…being in corporate world for almost 5 years now i know how some girls/ladies/women behave…i dont call anyone by that name neither i like to hear it..some people use it and its up to them irritated are they by that particular person…but there’s nothing like sexual harassment in such word..court should instead look into other matters like actual harassment and rape cases….
    A very valid point you have

  2. as always,you make sense!
    And if some dog calls me a bitch,why would i even care when both morphologicaly nd anatomically and mentally i am not one?

  3. where have i been?where have i been?
    You are the one who’s phone’s always switched off,and who never logs in to fb,and where have i been?
    But then u toh nw r famous,what wd u care abt us?

  4. Well said. It is wrong to be offensive towards people, but equally wrong to be offended over trivia. And your last line did put it all in perspective.

  5. I am always against these kind of acts….why don’t they work for more important things …there are many many more important issues they have should work on them…..
    U know sometimes these courts don’t have time for real sexual harrasment (yes its true)
    but now they are so free so if you look at girl once it may be also listed as sexual harrasment
    stay blessed keep posting

  6. I’m an oddball one in that, when someone calls me a bitch, I laugh and thank them for the compliment. To me, being called a bitch means I’m fiesty, outgoing, stubborn and will do what it takes to get the job done. So, it’s a compliment šŸ˜› Some women are so anal that they get pissy over a WORD for crying out loud. They seriously need to grow up UGH.

    Oh and TY for liking my blog. Glad you stopped by šŸ™‚

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