Wanna Sing Along?

I have,in this blog,already written about one of my neighbours(the guitar post,remember?)
Here’s something on another.No longer ‘is’ though!

Ok,so this not at all cute,and hardly little devil lived a floor above ours.A bachelor,he always had a smile plastered in his face,and I am not for a moment trying to suggest that the latter is the explanation for the former!
Mr.Sharma kept to himself,and hardly ever socialized.So far so good.Now comes the problem.
You see,he had the annoying habit of being an early riser,and then ensuring his neighbours followed suit.How?
Right after brushing his teeth(that’s an unconfirmed hypothesis,I hope he did),he switched on his music system and let loose one bhajan after another at full blast.For those of you who don’t know,’bhajans’ are religious songs often sung so badly,that you wish God would come down personally and thrash this singers for spoiling His jingles!

So you could well imagine my,rather our,plight.God is fine,but not when someone starts advertising for him at 5 in the morning.
Something needed to be done.A letter was shot off to him signed by every family in the building requesting him to turn down the volume of his trumpet.No use.

It was then that a killer idea came to my mind(it’s strange,but they always do and no,I am not bragging!).
One fine day,accompanied by friends,I went and stood in front of his door.We had with us,what else,but a music system!The moment we heard the bhajans starting,Eminem started singing(or,cussing) from the other side of Mr.Sharma’s door.Visibly harried,he opened the door to see an army of boys staring back at him menacingly.
“Turn down your volume now or we will continue our party!”,a friend thundered.

He did not.
Hardly the ones to give up,we turned up at the same place,same time next day,much to the chagrin of our families.Bhajans were tough to deal with as it is,now their day would also start with hearing the choicest of slangs!
5:00 am-some sound from the other side,the man’s up and about.
5:15 am-barely audible sounds of a bhajan starts coming across.

VICTORY!But we wanted more.So Eminem was called for again!

5:20am-The particular song ends(explicit version of love the way you lie Eminem ft. if i remember correctly!).No sound from the other side.
Mission accomplished,we returned as war heroes to our homes!

Three months later,Mr.Sharma shifted.


18 thoughts on “Wanna Sing Along?

  1. LOL! genius idea. I guess im not the only one stuck with mr. sharma here then 😛 unfortunately this guy likes to play out of tune guitar and sing hey there delilah at the top of his lungs… fortunately its usually after dinner time, so our lot gets good entertainment 🙂

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