Afternoon Ramblings

I have always thought afternoon’s the best time for poems,be it reading or writing.So,as I sat by my window,eyes wide shut(Did I hear an ‘again’?!),these lines popped into my head.Not really ‘poetry’,but hey,this is my blog,here I can call my random lines ‘poetry’ if I want to!
Hand in hand, we walk along,
Life is a circle of swinging doors;
Along the way we open and explore,
Then move on.
In disarray.

Still looking for an answer.
Inside tomorrow’s ride;
Hoping,if nothing else,
To,at the least,always have that one person by our side.


11 thoughts on “Afternoon Ramblings

  1. see?
    That’s why we used to call you ‘loverboy’!
    Ok,on a more serious note,you aren’t that bad a poet.then again,you aren’t good either,haha!

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