Some Things Never Change

I had gone to the grocery store in our housing complex.Generally speaking,I am too lost in my own thoughts to listen to others,but today,call it my misfortune,I did.

(conversation was in Hindi,but I will translate.)
Customer 1-How are you Gopalsaab,hardly see you this days!
Customer 2-Arey nahi Anandji,just busy with work.
Customer 1-Aren’t we all,but thank god the Eid is on a monday this year,we can get a three day holiday.
Customer 2-Ah yes,but thank god,there are no Muslims in our complex,can you imagine the mess there would’ve been during Eid otherwise?That too,twice a year,haha!

I had by then paid the bill,and had no intention of hearing two fools speak nonsense,so came out.

Problem is it is very
easy to generalize, very
easy to typecast things. I know way too many Hindus who have no problem living in perfect harmony with Muslims…Same with the latter,most of them will live in perfect understanding with Hindus.However,like the two fools above,there’s also the set,on both sides of the spectrum, who pass judgements on a person based on his or her religion.A lot of Hindus have decided that all Muslims are like “that”. Same with a lot of Muslims.They have decided that India is not for them and they can’t progress in India or that they will always be
Sadly enough,we still have political parties who encourage this divide.My question is,aren’t the people to blame for this?If they had risen above religion,these parties would have shut shop for good.

But then I guess,somethings never change,and unfortunately the thinking and outlook of these scoundrels will never change.Period.
As one of my favourite novelists Tahmima Anam puts it,”There are no bad muslims and good muslims,there are bad people and good people.”
Likewise of course for Hindus,but who can explain that to the extremist idiots…


15 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change

  1. yes,that makes sense.
    Infact,to be honest,i was so angry with the two ‘gentlemen’ that i did think of giving them a earful…but then realized it would just be a bloody waste of time.

  2. yeah,they don’t and really dip,it doesn’t make sense to even write about such things now..this enmity is here to stay.

  3. I have to disagree. You know, change is constant. I think RIGHT education can help change one’s attitude towards these religious, race stereotypes.

    BUT, as a professor once told me… if the society was already infected with a virus, some can be healed but those who are not will only transmit it to the next generations.

    • i understand your point.
      In most cases you would be right.
      But not when we are talking about what we are talking about here.
      Therefore I have used the word ‘some things’ in the title!

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