Darling,how could you do this to me!

A friend of mine,a good one at that has been ditched by his ladylove.If you ask me it was about time anyway-they have been together for the last FIVE years!
But,I sympathize with the poor guy,though when I see how hard he’s making this for himself,all sympathies tend to evaporate.

I might sound like a preacher,but thing is,you don’t make your life living hell just because a girl,who doesn’t give one hoot,let alone two,has decided to torment another wretched soul is not done.Just not done.

I will give you a scenario to put things into perspective. It’s a bit ‘improper’,but these are bad times,so bear with me!
A man is walking down the road wearing,let’s say shorts.The shorts suddenly decide to give in to gravity and promptly fall off.
Question is,what would a normal person do?
Hide his face in shame?
Sulk and start weeping?
Jump in front of a running car?
Nah…All he would do is pick up the stupid shorts, wear them,and move on as if nothing’s happened.
That,my friend,is the way to deal with things.Easier said then done,I know,but when something goes wrong,use the negative energy around you and try to make something positive out of it!
Live life,don’t run away from it.

Now, I am beginning to sound like a shrink,so bye!


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