oh you fool!

I generally don’t LOL in the literal sense,though I do need to liberally use the word when it comes to replying to sms jokes sent over by friends.Most of them are terrible attempts at trying to be funny.Period.But then,one can’t be rude!
This one though,made me LOL,ROFL and LMFAO(oops).While it was in Hindi,I will translate and hope it still is as funny!

Kolkata was hosting the Conference of Fools,an annual gathering of people who are termed by that derogatory word.Their main agenda was to find a reason for being called so.
The Chairman of the Association of Fools Worldwide hailed a cab and got in.Already late,he asked the cabbie to drive fast and take him to the venue.
The cab driver,one of those witty ones that you find so easily in Kolkata,decided to test the intelligence of the chairman of the Association of Fools(he was wearing a badge that proudly hailed him so).
“Tell me sir”,the driver began,”I am married and my wife and I have a child.Three people live in my house.If two of them are my wife and my child who would be the third?”
The Chairman pondered.He asked the driver to repeat the question,hoping to get some clue.The driver did and he still wasn’t any better off.
When eventually they reached the venue,the driver gave in.
“Kya saabji,you can’t answer this?I am the third person,who else?”
The chairman was stung.He was devastated at not being able to answer this simple question.

When later that day,the time came for him to speak,he got up and said,”Dear Comrades,I think the world rightly calls us fools.”
Commotion broke out.
“Yes,they are right.But i will change my opinion and tender my resignation if you answer my question.I am married and my wife and I have a child.Three people live in my house.If two of them are my wife and my child, who would be the third?”
Again,commotion broke out.They made huddles,discussed the nuances of the question,but they still couldn’t find an answer.Eventually,the Vice Chairman got up and begged the Chairman to tell them who the third person was.He replied,


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