Kreativ Blogger Award

Much as I pretend to be inert to the effects of praise,I can’t help but feel overjoyed when I get award nominations from fellow bloggers!
This time it’s the Kreativ Blogger Award and I have been nominated by Anne Alias (
Gentleladies and men (no that’s not a mistake,I prefer it that way), please click on the link above,because if you are not going to, it will be your loss!

Before I nominate my choices,as per the rules here are 5 completely random things about me!
1.I prefer sleeping with lights on.Nah,I am not afraid of darkness.Just too lazy to switch them off!

2.Am a voracious reader.Jeffrey Archer’s the favourite.

3.A friend wanted help with his project.I went to his home and promptly fell in love with his sister.For a week.
So,there.People tend to call me a flirt.I beg to differ!

4.If you want to spook me,all you need is a cat.

5.Have a weird habit of not being able to remember if or not I took my lunch!

Time for nominations-

1.My Word Your
From disturbing cuckoos to disturbing social rituals-this one’s got them all and more!

2. FPP
A beautifully written blog,and some of the best short poems I’ve ever come across!

goodness!If this blog doesn’t make you laugh,you are suffering from depression!

Oh well,just go to the link below and you will know why she’s in this list!


15 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

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