I Need To Fly

Today has been a hard day.Staring out at the evening sky,these lines started playing around on my head.Not that they have any link to my present state of mind,but now that I’ve made a poem out of them I feel better in a way.A sense of calm.A sense of satisfaction too,which comes only when I write..
The first four lines you will notice are the same as the previous poem.Just thought would maintain the continuity,as the subject is roughly the same.

My sky,my sea,
Blue,as blue as can be,
Clouds,give company high above,
As I float the windy sea.

My heart feels like a kite,
It lifts as if to say,
Let me go,I need to fly,
Into my blue sky day.

My heart is soaring,dancing, laughing,
Troubles far away,
Among the clouds bathed in light
Happy just to play.
When it will set,I cannot tell,
There’s just no way to say,
Ever in love with life,
I will chase my blue sky day.


7 thoughts on “I Need To Fly

  1. why can’t I like your posts like all the people up there?poem’s good,but previous one was better if u ask me,and d diffrence in no. of likes vindicates my stand:p

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