You Want Proof?? I Will Give You Proof!

This post is the compilation of various ways to prove something you just can’t prove:p
The line taken by students such as me to solve those terrifying questions that stare back at you insolently from the maths textbook & dare you to prove THEIR existence!
Here goes.Enjoy!

*Proof by Obviousness: “The proof is so clear that it need not be mentioned.”

* Proof by General Agreement: “All in Favor?…”

* Proof by Imagination: “Well, We’ll pretend its true.”

* Proof by Convenience: “It would be very nice if it were true, so …”

* Proof by Necessity: “It had better be true….”

* Proof by Plausibility: “It sounds good so it must be true.”

* Proof by Intimidation: “Don’t be stupid, of course it’s true.”

* Proof by Profanity: (example omitted) 😉

* Proof by Definition: “We’ll define it to be true.”

* Proof by Tautology: “It’s true because it’s true.”

* Proof by Plagiarism: “As we see on page 238 …”

* Proof by Lost Reference: “I know I saw this somewhere …”

* Proof by Lack of Interest: “Does anyone really want to see this?”

* Proof by Illegibility: ” ¥ ª Ð Þ þæ”

* Proof by Majority Rule: Only to be used if General Agreement is impossible.

* Proof by Divine Word: “And the Lord said, ‘Let it be true,’ and it came to pass.”

* Proof by Stubbornness: “I don’t care what you say! It is TRUE!”

* Proof by Deception: “Now everyone turn their backs …”

* Proof by Supplication: “Oh please, let it be true.”

* Proof by Design: “If it’s not true in today’s math,they will invent a new system in which it is.”

* Proof by Vigorous Assertion: “And I REALLY MEAN THAT!”

* Proof by Lack of Sufficient Time: “Because of the time constraint, I’ll leave the proof to you.”

* Proof by Intuition: “I just have this gut feeling …”

* Proof by Insignificance: “Who really cares anyway?”

* Proof by Logic: “If it is on the problem sheet, then it must be true.” 😛


5 thoughts on “You Want Proof?? I Will Give You Proof!

  1. Thanks for the like on the FB page. The proof by Illegibility is something I’ve taken advantage of practically everytime I’ve had to submit the soft copy of an assignment. Whatever I submit was validly illegible, thus buying me more time. Don’t ask me how though. Trade secrets 😀

  2. a good one bhai! I laughed a couple of times, but there is something intriguing in this post. proof is: “I just have this gut feeling …”

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