My Wishlist!

Just some things I wanted to achieve before I started college…None achieved with less then a month to go!There’s still time to get a few done though!

[x] Done something inexplicably stupid

[x] Had a “I was so close to Death” story

[x] Had a ‘when I was your age’ conversation with somebody two years younger to me

[x] Been obsessed with random pop culture

[x] Fallen in Love

[x] Burnt somebody’s hair

[x] Etch out a day-to-day existence on acerbic wit, satirical humour and higher intellect.

[x] Done/Watched something nerdy (Star Trek, Halo 3)

[x] Played on an Xbox 360 and PSP

[x] Done something so girly that testosterone ran away screaming from my body

[x] Being awarded the Nobel.

Sigh, I feel like such a failure. But, if they can give Nobel to Obama then I wonder

P.S.-“love” did happen.Too many times.Precisely the problem!

#Lesson for today: There is always that one thing in life you can’t achieve in time. Acceptance comes gradually


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