Shame On Us

“Guwahati’s Shame”
That’s the tagline going around in electronic & print media after the shocking molestation of the teenaged girl in a busy thoroughfare of the city.
It’s a shame for any and everyone of our country.
Being originally from Guwahati,I was as stunned as I was outraged on seeing the visuals.
Knives are ofcourse out on the city police for late action.I,however,wouldn’t like to focus on that issue.
What I am ashamed of is the reaction of the bystanders.Despite so many people standing around,only three came forward to support the girl.Even more outrageous,some took out mobile phones and started recording the brawl.As I said, I was stunned.This is not the Guwahati I know.How are these scoundrels any less guilty then the eleven who molested the girl?
Has the average Indian lost the courage to take a stand?Why couldn’t the bystanders do something to stop such an outrage,to save the girl?Or,are they just as immoral as the perpetrators?

Sad as it is,but we seem to live in a country where the character of a girl is decided by if or not she goes to a partying,if or not she goes to a pub.
Remember Pramod Muttalik and his gang of clowns in Mangalore?The panchayat(‘Talibans’ would describe them better) of Baghpat in UP?
Just shows that at least in one field, equality shines in India.
Shame on us.
It’s time we do some soul-searching.It really is.


12 thoughts on “Shame On Us

  1. Good post about a subject that needs to be addressed not just in India but everywhere. Daniel Webster said that “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” If we collectively shirk our responsibilities then we are all in trouble.

  2. Absolutely agree with you Nabadip. And am aghast at where we are headed!
    Most Indians will tell us “How can you travel to China/Egypt/Rio on your own? Those places are dangerous!” I have never, ever felt as scared walking those streets, even in Rio, even at midnight, as I would stepping out alone at night anywhere in India.
    Shame indeed.

  3. Law has to be dealt with an IRON hand … else the common man will forever shy away from problems. We have also broken the societal bonds that used to hold us together, when a crowd would form to support a girl!

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