Come Again?!

A word is a word is a word…
but what if the word isn’t a word?
Stumbled upon this great article today which takes a long hard look at words which should have existed, but don’t. Here are a few gems reproduced for your eyes only!

anecdultery : the moment you are halfway through telling someone a story -acting in the know and exaggerating like crazy-when you realize it was their story in the first place

buckstop : the space left between the person using an ATM and the person in the queue behind

hope couture : the item of clothing you keep for years in the vain hope that you might fit back into it someday

knack-knicker : someone who can’t leave a hotel room without taking every tea bag, sugar sachet, complimentary shampoo etc.

edgehog : a person who hogs the aisle seat so you have to climb over them to get to a vacant stop.

eyesberg : the icy look a teenager gives to his mother when he wants her to stop talking to her girlfriend.

flaparazzi : someone who is always in the back-ground of a live news report, waving stupidly at the camera.

tearerist : a person in the cinema who seems to take ages to unwrap their lollies or open their chips, then eats them one by one, oblivious to the noise.

lovestuck : the moment on a first date when both people want to make a move but are scared of getting a knock back, and as a result nothing happens.

cosmetic perjury : the tactful response required when you meet an acquaintance who has changed his/her hair, face or body in a failed attempt to improve appearance

piece de resistance : the last bit of food left on a plate because everyone wants to be polite!

moanatone : the faltering voice you use when you ring work to tell them you’re sick.

tortune : A catchy yet awful song that you just can’t get outta your head, even after hearing it played just once.

suffermore : A person who is always sicker than or worse off than you. if you say , you are a bit tired , they are exhausted.

shinterjection : At a party or dinner , the sharp kick under the table you give to your partner to indicate that whatever it is they are saying, they must stop saying it right now.

No matter how fabulous your vocabulary is, guess there will always be something out there to surprise you…


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