Today’s post is special in the sense that I did not write it at all!
A friend of mine,and a frequent visitor of this blog is the one who has written this gem.After a long session of sycophancy and sweet-talk she has agreed to “think about” opening a blog at WordPress.That is,if this poem gets good reviews from you all!Read on,ladies and gentlemen;you know where to leave the feedback!


You were like an oil spill,
I was like the sea,
We were close, but did not bond,
You killed the best of me.

Yet if I could relive the past,
Delete, record, re-play,
I know I’d keep the parts with you,
Reliving every day.

I don’t want your pity,
Even though you left me dead.
You said that you loved me,
But you loved yourself instead.

I know you think I’m foolish,
That, I do not understand.
But this fool, will ever dream of love,
Building castles in the sand.



14 thoughts on “CASTLES OF LOVE

  1. Ah! very nice lines Nabadip. True, to a few among lines, I am connected. I think, your friend should soon start writing on her own blog.

  2. Second, third and the fourth read now. It is very nice and indeed, a gem. My vote is in your favour. Get her a blog soon.

  3. The poem has a lot of potential! Tell your friend to open up a blog, we need another blogger over here.

    “You said that you loved me,
    But you loved yourself instead.” – Loved these lines!

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