On A Necessary Break!

Well yes,this break has been a long one by any standards.However,I hardly had any choice,what with moving to a new city for pursuing my U.G in B.Tech and more importantly,settling down to life,as it is,in a hostel!
The charm of blogging though,is hard to resist,so here I am-back with the first post from my hostel room at the KIIT University in Bhubaneswar!Yeah,here i am.Just another engineer-to-be!
I will leave you with some photos of my college,with a promise to return later tonight with a poem!






21 thoughts on “On A Necessary Break!

  1. Congratulations bhai! You are studying in a place, is going to be known for your presence there now! Be a good engineer! Bless you bro.

    on the other hand, enjoy your life, with love, care and attention for yourself. Bro, the best part of anyone’s life is their U.G. At least mine. I wish your next 4 years are going to be awesome like a great poem of happiness and learning! šŸ™‚

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