In every season there is bit of laughter,
In every season there is a bit of pain.
In every season there is a lesson,
That makes us grow again.
Distant memories flicker,
Like fireflies at night.
Sometimes bright and haunting,
Then black.. slip out of sight.

But what I have lived, is in me.
And makes me what you see.
What I hide inside me,
And what I want to be.
Struggles make us wiser,
Cuts and bruises sting.
But stronger they will forge you,
And confidence they bring.

And everyday I’m changing,
Shaped by what I know.
So many lessons I have lived,
So many left to know.
Some seasons go unnoticed,
Subtle, like the breeze,
A warm ray after winter,
A ripple on the seas.
Other changes come on
Tumultuous affairs,
Turbid like a waterfall,
Will humble you to prayers.

Today I woke up different,
Today I woke up free,
Today the sun seemed brighter,
I felt a new me!


27 thoughts on “seasons

  1. oh yeah! all said, what I would have, cause I am a little late for this. 🙂 nice lines. There were a few old thoughts about this in our language! In deed, i sing those lines sometimes to feel better or when I get time to drive alone and really feel the season!

    I loved these lines dear!

    how have you been bhai? Hoping your hostel is helping you to do all that you intended too – include everything 🙂

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