Yet Another Poem!

I have flipped,
I have lingered,
On the pages
Previously fingered.
This time it was different.
Memories filled my head,
Like vivid pictures
From the book I read.
Sitting beneath the old twisted tree,
Gently resting at it’s knee,
I slipped into a trance,
Fell in a heap,
My mind swept away,
I fell asleep.

I was standing alone,
Wind on my face,
Holding a feather
In a distant place.
Sand under my sandles,
Water touching my toes,
The warmth of the sun
As it shined on my nose.
I was watching the skyline,
As waves tossed at my feet,
Waiting for something
Or someone to meet.
Then I let loose the feather,
It got swept out to sea,
Just like my dream
Had taken me.
As I watch it go,
I bend down to touch the sand,
And in the warm earth,
I wrote with my hand,
As waves washed away
What I wrote,
I saw what I thought
Might be a boat.
A glimmer of silver
Where the sky meets the sea,
And in my dreams I knew,
It was you coming for me.

I woke from my dream,
As my heart gave a leap
I called out your name,
As I rose from my sleep,
In my hand was my book,
On my lap was a feather,
It was worn and aged,
By time and weather.
Lost in the pages,
Over time it stayed still,
Where it had been hidden
In the binds of the book,
Lost and forgotten.
Where no one would look,
And there in black ink,
Was scribbled a note.
It said you are gone,
The sea stole your boat.
I will remember you forever,
On the shoreline I stand,
Wishing you were there
To hold my hand.


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