Life & Times of a FOOL

A very usual trick of duping is carried out in petrol pumps across Calcutta,especially in the northern fringes of the city.
Let’s say you go to a petrol station and put fuel for Rs 100.
(bad example.With petrol prices being what they are,who would do a 100.Anyway,let’s SUPPOSE!)
You give the guy Rs 500 and you see him counting four 100 rupee notes to give back to you. He counts four 100s. He makes sure you see him count four 100s.He gives you the money.You think you’ve got Rs 400 back.In reality,he has given you only three 100s. The other one by some sleight of hand is still with him. He relies on the trust he has established with you by counting so clearly in front of you to make you not double check the note count.If you trust him and put the money in your pocket without counting and leave – the guy pockets Rs 100. If you don’t trust him and he sees you counting the money again and you reach the third hundred and give the confused look, he will be waiting hand outstretched with the fourth Rs 100. He pretends that he is giving you the last 100 separately. Like it was unintentional and matter-of-fact absent mindedness.

That leads us to an interesting incident(yes,rejoice ho!I am back with another funny post after a long time on the blog!), which can only happen to fools such as your’s truly! There is a petrol pump in the intersection of Jessore Road and V.I.P. Road,near the NSCBI airport.
My cousin and I were driving two separate scooters and we both put petrol for Rs 300 each from adjacent re-fillers. So,even someone as weak in maths as I am figures out that the total cost is Rs600. I hand out two notes of 500 and see the guy counting four 100 rupee notes. He hands over the money to me. I start counting it. There are only three 100s. I smile as I see him stretching out his hand a giving me another 100.
Expected.Now we come to the unexpected!

After we reach home I gloat about this to my cousin. Tell him how easily observable this ruse is. He looks at me quizzically and asks me, “why did you give two notes of 500, I thought you only put petrol for Rs 300”. And then I tell him,
“That’s because I paid for you as well”.
He then looks at me angrily “You idiot!Don’t tell me that.I paid 300 as well..”



9 thoughts on “Life & Times of a FOOL

  1. hahaha!

    Kehte hain na…hoshiyaat nahin banna chahiye zyada!

    I just love reading about these interesting little things that keep happening in ‘big big’ cities.

    More More on the ruses of your city! Waiting,

    Your’s Truly,


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