A Friend,An Achiever

This post is on a friend and how the saying “it is never over till it is over” is so true.
Speaking of adages,the photo takes it a step further from the very famous one we use,doesn’t it?!

Let’s not digress!
Ten days ago IIM Indore released the list of successful candidates who aced the interviews for Integrated Programme In Management.For the unacquainted,IPM is a new course offered at IIM-I only,where 124 of the countries brightest students are admitted each year after their +2 boards and come out with an MBA degree after 5 years.
My friend,as it happened,did not make it.She got a status of waiting list-15.Not many people would hope of still making the cut,especially when you are talking about an IIM.Neither did she.All hell broke loose.To say that she was devastated would probably be an understatement,and crybaby that she is,we had a tough time keeping her away from the tissue paper boxes!
Then again,when you come that close to living a dream,you can’t help but be devastated.

Cut to today,and she got a call in the morning that allowed her to jump up to the 99th cloud,don’t you worry about the 9th!
Yes,all hell’s broken loose again,she has made it!
Though there’s sadness that a friend would leave us,the moment we remember what she has achieved,all sadness goes for a hike up Mt.Everest!
Well done Eva !
Darned IIM grad,here’s wishing you an excellent 5 years!
Here’s a toast raised from all the friends you are leaving back in KIIT.
We hardly know each other for a month,and still get along so well.God knows where it would have ended if you had stayed back with us for four years!


26 thoughts on “A Friend,An Achiever

  1. As expected and as i knw, u cracked it and u got it,,,,, u are feeling the joy and happiness but we r also havng same happiness and if i guess mre than that,as one of our friend is selected in IIM…………. I will definetely miss the connection that i see everyday in class between u and diva,,,,,,, Diva is alive in ths clggggggg,,,, hav fun in Indoreee,,,, and just rock ur life,,,,, do what u waana do,,,achieve it and feel the JANNAT……. We r friends and we will be friends for forever, no matter where u live , where u study……… We will definetely meet in future and just do that masti which we haven’t done here,,,,,,, MISS u,,,,,, Really. Hav a brighter lyf and become a twinkiling star,,,,,,,,all the best for lyf long

    • Thanks for all the best wishes Sourabh !
      It has been great knowing you and we will surely keep in touch.
      You have fun too and take care of Diva and yourself.
      Make your stay in KIIT a memorable one and have a wonderful time here.
      All the best !

  2. EVA my sister in KIIT…the most charming and understanding girl I met here..:) her room (3A-68) has been our hangout place since the time we met..a strange bond of love,friendship and sisterhood developed between us..:) mornings when I over slept,she religiously woke me up(one reason why am never late to college..) Late night masti,games of Japanese whisper..hot gossips(about guys and gals 😉 )..eating each and every meal together…I’m gonna miss it all…but here I must mention (even though I don’t want you to leave) Eva you have got a bright future ahead..life has to move on..and life is short too..we will meet soon and always stay connected..:) our PASE will always remain so..all plans of meeting during pujas, night stay at your place will all happen..don’t you worry..:) I can’t possibly end without mentioning how caring you are..one reason why none of us ever had to visit KIIMS is EVA..she ensured we had healthy food..(bananas,apples and custard apples) I’ll never forget the way she used to make me eat up the entire salad.. she ensured all our windows are closed so that none of us are prone to mosquito bites(malaria dengue being common in BBSR) Our treats..our pranks..teasing each other whenever we are on the phone(with mom and dad..;) ) solving small misunderstandings..will miss you EVA in every step of hostel life..Life in QC2 wouldn’t have been so much fun without you..Racing down the corridors,clicking innumerable pics for memories,your hunting down newspaper every single day..;) your Cambridge dictionary and your famous diary..will miss it all..:’) I can just go on and on..however I stop here..Here’s wishing you all the very best in life..remember us all(your mom,dad,sis,husband,golu and golu’s step father 🙂 ) we’ll miss you but promise to keep connected..FRIENDS FOREVER..:) and we’ll definitely meet during pujas..:D
    and never ever forget our PASE..:) LOVE you my sis..<3<3

      • Aww darling..you listed it all !
        The way you always understood my problems , stood by me in every single thing , I found my soul sister in you. Memories could never have been dearer and I can never find someone sweeter. Yes , I will indeed miss you and all the moments spent together , A LOT.
        Yes , PASE remains intact and all our well thought plans are sure to happen.
        Lastly , I love you with all my heart.

  3. Heyy hiiii…… What to say !!!
    First f all congo that u got selectd in IIM. And i wish that u get all those thngs that u deserve.
    Thanxx 4 ur help nd suport that i got 4m u. Bas ek problm ho gayi ab tm ja rahi ho to meri help kaun karega????Ab mujhe sab akele hi karna parega !!!! Bt let it be…..
    Wish u a happy nd rocking life at indore….We will miss u alot.. Well i m nt sayng u gud byee… Its jst bcoz (hum hai raahi pyar k phr milenge chalte chalte).

    • yes , phir zarur milenge!
      Thanks for your wishes and don’t you worry, I am sure you will achieve your target soon 😉
      Take care and enjoy your stay in KIIT.

  4. heya mommy…!!!l finally the miracle has occured…see i told u! leaving behind mixed feelings(happiness-for your achievement,sadness-that you are leaving,worry(you know why):D).The first voice that would awaken me in the morning was yours…the way you said”get up golu,7 baj gaye”Now pritha (my masi) will have to take the responsibility as i won’t be able to attend a single class otherwise.I ‘ll really miss the way you asked us to have those tasteless healthy food…now that yor are leaving we’ll have loads of unhealthy food which would constantly remind us of your irritating dialogue:D.Now i can breathe freely in fresh air with all the windows wide open and have some pity on the poor mosquitoes:D…now i’ll have to finish the bananas which you used to for pritha and sreyoshi:(No more cracking of those non-veg jokes,no more hanging out in room no. 3A-68,no more having healthy food,no more anti mosquito campaign…………no more YOU in qc-2….lastly with a heavy heart we part to meet again.Don’t u dare forget us(especially my step-father coz you are really special to him..)
    Make sure you meet us all every time you come to BBSR..LOVE YOU..muahh..:* :* stay in touch<3<3

    • Golu , words are not enough to express my love for you and how much you mean to me.
      I will ensure that you keep having healthy and ‘complete’ meals and keep your windows shut.
      Truly , ‘thou’ will be dearly missed.
      I will inform you every time I visit BBSR and we will surely meet up!
      Love you.

  5. okk..so here it goes…i hd knwn 4m d vry begining dat u wud gt thru d iim indore entrnce..though u wer quite apphrehensive….i always used 2 boost up ur confidence…encourage u…n do u c d result????…u actually crackd it..!!!!!…babes m really happy 4 u..bt in d process..ur leaving me…ur useless husband behind…u hv no idea…its killing me 4m within weneva..i thnk abt u leavng al f us…i l miss evrythng v did 2gethr..eva..u wer d sole prsn i ws closest 2..n m really sry 4 doz small fyts we hd….i cnt write nemor…its nt possible 4 me 2 jot dwn d mixed emotions m undergoin…r8 nw…lastly i wud lyk 2 say dat as u r moving in2 a new venture..may sucess and luck be wid u always…i l miss ya loadz..tk cr n kp in tch…

    • oh roomie..i will miss you too ❤ , a lot 😦
      but don't you worry we will still be sharing every single thing with each other , forever and after !

  6. Lastly , you people made my one month stay in KIIT a really memorable one. The way we have developed a strong , everlasting bond , perfectly displays the magic of friendship and love .
    This one month stay has given me some of the best memories of hostel and college life. Memories , I will treasure for the rest of my life.
    Love you all .

  7. And Nabadip , how could I forget you !
    Knowing you has seriously been one of the best things , that ever happened to me. Thanks for being a great friend , a strong support and ‘the’ perfect entertainer 😉
    Stay in touch always and take ‘good’ care of yourself.
    Will miss you.

  8. u will find many pickwicks there
    Parting aint a big deal people come and go
    And 4 a girl like eva it wont be difficult to make friends
    Eva remember we still have some unfinished business left.
    All the best 4 iim

    • No one can replace you pickwick !
      Yes parting aint a big deal cause we will be meeting quite often.
      And about the unfinished business..call me asap.
      Thank you for your best wishes and I will miss you.

  9. god bless and good luck for your friend!
    Actually, some serious – hidden prayers of someone is answered! 🙂

    Congratulations! Keep your head stuffed – and that is what is done at IIMs.

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