College Life-It’s Started!


Here are just some of the things I have been up to in the last one and a half months!Hope it brings back memories of your college days!


1.Physics test the day after.Everywhere you look you see tense faces.The first real test in college afterall!There are four of us in my room.Watching season 1 episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

6:30p.m.-Friend 1:”Chal yaar,come, let’s sit down with the books”

                   Rest of us:”After this episode,wait.”

8:30p.m.-Friend 2-“Oye,it’s 8:30 already,let’s study.”

                   Rest of us:”Let’s go down for dinner after this episode and then start,”

1:00a.m.-All of us(in varying tones and degrees):”Oh damn,it’s one already!When do we study?”

                   All of us:”After this episode”!

We  finally sat down in our tables at around 2.The test,you ask?Well,I managed to answer 16 marks out of 20,12 of them by my own merit!


2. 14th august.the day before India’s Independence Day.

 11:50p.m.-All the boarders come and start standing in the corridors.By ‘all’ I mean a few thousand.

     15th August.Independence Day

 00:00a.m.-Residents around the campus find their windows shaking and dogs barking as a collective roar goes up from the 1st year hostel.Wardens start running around and unruly patriots(!) are somewhat          brought under control 15minutes later even though odd cries of “INDIA,INDIA” persist throughout the night!


3.A Friday!

10:30 a.m.Break between classes.

Friend 1:”We must cut down on our expenses you know..We should stop going for films every friday.”

Rest of us:”You are right,let’s skip films for the next few weeks.”

12 noon.We are all watching the first day second show of Barfi! !

(And what a film it was too!)


4.Class in progress.

Someone cracks a joke that can’t wait.We go on laughing till the teacher spots us,or, specifically me!

Teacher:”You!Come to the board and explain what is Effective Atomic No.”

I look around,shuffle around and then,as if in great pain,say,”Ma’am,but I don’t know about E.A.N.”

Teacher:”And that’s precisely why I want you to come to the board!”

Duh,it will be written in the pages of history that I made a fool of myself.



5.After staying up late I wake up 10 minutes before classes start at 8.I am there in the classroom,by the time the teacher enters.I don’t open my mouth for the next 3hours.Not because I am deeply engrossed in what’s being taught,but because in the rush,I had forgotten about brushing my teeth!


6.India vs England match at the t20 world cup.I will let this photo do the talking!



And this is after we won the match!




Well,it doesn’t look like the fun’s going to stop anytime soon!

NOTE:Before I end I would like to share the link of my friend Manish’s blog who has recently joined us at WP.If straight,to the point talking and some beautiful poetry is your deal,then here’s where you go!


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