Are We Ever Satisfied?

This is the story of a man.A man who is out one morning on a leisurely jog. Now, at first glance he is not the sort of man who is likely to be out jogging. Or indeed the second or the third glance. Which is why, the man is out-of-breath five or six minutes into his jog and he leans against a pillar to regain his breath. Which is when it catches his eye. Something small and shiny and no bigger than a coin. Which indeed it was.A 10p coin.
His lucky penny. With somewhat considerable effort, the man bends down and picked the coin up. This is a sign, he’s convinced. Why else would it put itself in front of him? There must be a reason why he stopped mid-jog at that precise spot. And that reason is now nestled in his palm. May be the coin meant that he would bag the contract that was pending for a month. Perhaps that bargain plasma tv that he was bidding for on eBay would be his.

His mind is buzzing with possibilities when it occurs to him that he was already quite lucky. A wonderful family, two holidays a year, regular pay raises, a mortgage that will be paid off in 6 short years. In fact, except for that bit of extra weight he was carrying around his stomach, he has very few complaints. The man hated it when such perfectly reasonable thoughts interrupted his mild euphoria (he was the kind of person who, for no apparent reason, remembered dying children in Darfur while watching Lewis Hamilton celebrate at the podium). So with a sigh the man tosses the coin back into dusty sidewalk. For someone less lucky to find it.

He just hopes they weren’t bidding for the same plasma T.V.


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