Quickies #4.

A good friend asked me to write something on how we always come to conclusions about other people,not even thinking about the fact that most of the times we are no better off.This is the best I could do!
Here’s Quickies#4!

He makes his way across the carriage.A grey coat,which once upon a time was dark black,hangs onto him like an ill-fitting shirt,flopping around the elbows.
“Ticket please”,he mutters his endless litany as he criss-crosses the carriage.Not that he gives it more then a perfunctory glance.At this rate,it’s not long before he would be standing by your side.

But five rows from where you are sitting, the entourage comes to an abrupt halt. He asks a passenger something. His ticket presumably. You see a head shaking as if to say no. You can see the expression on the ticket checker’s face change. From dull nonchalance to one of brisk authority. You see him uttering a harsh rebuke as he scribbles something on his notepad. You watch as the hapless passenger is escorted to the door by the scruff of his collar. The rest of the carriage watches, smug in their law-abiding complacence. A mother points out to her little boy the evils of stow away travelling. You hope the boy grows up to be a responsible citizen of the world.And then the passenger is seen returning to his seat,his face a little on the red side,but contented all the same,his hands putting back the wallet in his pocket.The ticket checker returns as well,his pocket richer by a few hundred bucks.Unabashed.
The mother chooses not to say anything to the boy about the latest development.
You snigger,thinking how immoral people are.Travelling without ticket,bribing,checkers taking bribes.
Ticket please. The voice is very close to you.Ticket? Ticket? The voice is right above you. You look up at him. With a blank expression. What a silly little demand, you would like to have said. Ticket? the voice repeats not bothering to hide its irritation.
And then it hits you.Even you are traveeling without a ticket.
I broke my arm in an accident last week, you say. The ticket checker looks at you with open hostility. And my house was burnt down, you add. And my wife ran away with the postman!
He doesn’t budge.
What’s the world coming to?

At last you give up,and reach for your wallet.


15 thoughts on “Quickies #4.

  1. Another good one Nabadip. I love how these are little portraits of life in India. Sorry portraits, when the subject is like the one above, but so very true! Certainly look forward to more 🙂

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