Quickies #5.

I had first read about Darfur in a Reader’s Digest article some time back.Left a strong impression.It’s also probably the reason,I never misuse anything.Well,I try not to!
Here’s Quickies #5.

It’s nothing.That’s what you tell yourself.This morning when you came into the kitchen, you found that the tap had been left running. A steady trickle of water had been flowing down the sink all night. About 10 or 15 litres of water gone waste, you reckon. Enough supply for a small family in drought-stricken Africa to survive on for atleast a couple of days. With prudence, it could have even lasted them a week. But now, all that has gone down the drain. You sigh and tell yourself that it’s just water. One strong spell of showers and the deficit would even out. You even put out a bucket out in the garden hoping to catch a few drops in the next drizzle.

Still, you can’t seem to shake the image of water-starved children out of your head. Why me, you wonder. What about all those idiots who are using up water to wash their cars and shampoo their dogs and sprinkle their lawns? And who could forget that moron who left his tap running for days in the name of art? How come none of them ever seem to worry about dying Sudanese children?

And yet, that evening, when they mention Darfur in the news, you switch channels and look away.


12 thoughts on “Quickies #5.

  1. hey!! this is an alarm mere bhai! I am sure, we reduce the misuse too. Especially, I will translate your post to my servant maid though it’s a lil heavy for her!

  2. We switch channels anyway. That is how inured we have become to the bad news around us. Or perhaps it is just the guilt after all 🙂 Well done again Nabadip.

  3. An eye-opener indeed, Nabdip ! Some times we choose the easier route, to just switch over the channels. We may change the channel but the guilt persists, like madhu said.
    Great post 🙂

  4. if we all, including government realize this truth that wasting drinkable water is really as bad as wasting food!

    have you seen those municipality taps gushing out water for hours? same happens to quite a lot household taps too!

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