Quickies #7.


It’s his height that makes you remember.How else would you have noticed him among the crowd waiting to cross the road? The traffic light in front of you turns red and you smooth to a halt. He steps on to the road from the pavement. His posture is straight, just like you remember it. When he looks in your direction to check for oncoming traffic, you see the same severe expression on his face that you recall from all those PE lessons, way back in high school. What a terror he used to be back then. Making you run laps around the track while he stood in the middle sipping coffee. I have eyes in the back of my head, he would threaten. And you sincerely used to believe it. He is just about to take another step when a bicycle comes speeding past him causing him to lose composure and retreat swiftly back to the pavement. He decides to wait for a quieter moment to cross the road. The lights turn green and you gradually pull away.
As you drive past him, you notice that he is shaken. Just another frail old man waiting to cross the road.

How you wish the illusion had not been shattered.


12 thoughts on “Quickies #7.

    • About the header images,I just thought they would go well with the blog!glad you like them!
      As for the story,i was inspired by a real-life incident,so…
      On another note,why are things so quiet in PC??

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