The Kolkata Literary Meet 2013

Today’s post is a little different.Call it being grateful or just proud of the event,I just could not but share the giant strides the Kolkata Literary Meet is taking in just it’s second edition.Then again to say that it is taking giant strides would perhaps be doing injustice to the first edition which saw the likes of Vikram Seth,Imraan Khan,Amish Tripathi and other big names participating in what was,as a good friend of mine put it back then,”a literary bloodbath”!
Regular readers might be aware of a link I have shared on the right side of the blog for the last year-the link to the story that won me the first prize at the story writing contest of the Meet,and as I always point out,more importantly,let me shake hands with Mr.Vikram Seth!


If I were asked what’s the thing that sets it apart from any other literary meet in the world,I would point out the atmosphere.Just like the city it now represents in the world of Lit Meets,the KLM exudes warmth and that feeling of being made to feel special even though way more special people are on the dias.Comparisons are never fair,but this is just what sets it apart from,say,the Jaipur Lit Fest,which undoubtedly is India’s biggest litereary event.As they say,in KLM it’s more about the reader!
Then ofcourse,there’s also the fact that it’s held on the sidelines of the hugely popular Kolkata Book Fair,which just adds to the charm.
Therefore,when I see how good things are going for the Meet,I can’t help feeling a bit proud!
So readers,if you are anywhere near Calcutta in the last week of January,block your dates for the Meet.Sponsored by Google,and boasting of big names like Thomas Keneally,Amitav Ghosh,Man Booker 2012 long-listed author Jeet Thayil,and Nobel Laurete Amartya Sen,the Meet,ladies and gentlemen,is going to be one hell of a week!Oh,and I forgot to mention the names of Pico Iyer,Shashi Tharoor,David Davidar,Advaita Kala-the list is too long for a single post!
Believe you me,this is one event you do not want to miss!


To get in touch,like their page on Facebook-
Kolkata Literary Meet

Or visit the website-
Kolkata Literary Meet


23 thoughts on “The Kolkata Literary Meet 2013

          • it must have been an experience to handshake with vikram seth. he is quite famous author these days, have not had a chance of reading anything by him but i hear only praises.

            sent anything this year? all the best!

            • I have no idea if they are having one this year,and even if they do,i don’t think it would be in a good spirit to participate.what do you think?
              And anyway if they are going to give an iPad like last year,they already have given me one:P
              As for the handshake,oh goodness,my legs were shaking!the bare fact that I talked with him so much that day,still gives me the kick!

              • thats sweet of you, i believe you can let someone else win. even though i am quite curious to know how many will do the thing you are planning to do.

                on my part, i dont think there is anything wrong in sending your entry this year too.

                • No,its not as if I send the entry and i am a sure winner,but still I don’t think participating will be the proper thing to do..and I have achieved that goal,now for the higher ones:D
                  And the platform’s already helped me a lot,and will continue doing so I hope.It even made me think about blogging,and here i am an year later!

                  • yes, i recovered one comment from spam box, and deleted the extra one. thanks for re-trying.

                    you have a lovely heart and your decision is noble. then noble people are not that common, are they?

                    hope your higher goals become easily achievable too.

                    all the best!

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