I gather it’s about time for a poem on the blog.Nothing’s coming to my mind(is that what they call writer’s block?!).So I will just blabber!

Sunbathing at midnight,
Chasing stars in daylight,
Swimming in the desert,
Crying at your sight.
Talking with my mouth closed,
Seeing with no eyes,
Dancing when I am crippled,
Tethered with no ties.

Spinning while I am still,
Finding time to kill,
Dead but still alive,
Stabbing with no knives.
A soul full of inmates who have no crime,
Feelings with no emotion,
Making riddles with no rhyme.

Are these contradictions,
Words that make no sense,
Or is there a hidden meaning,
Stained in the contents?


17 thoughts on “Blabbering

  1. shall i just tell you that i loved your poem? Or, add more… very nice one mere bhai!
    I was smiling all the way till the end. Sensible! Meaningful too. At least, i found some sense. 🙂

  2. Each and every line says “i m possible”, for instance you can talk with your mouth closed, you can spin while you are still, something to do with the cerebellum and the cochlea i guess……read that a long time ago, dont remember now. But nevertheless every thing you mentioned was sense alright. And why is it that you talk more sense when you have a writer’s block or in a drunken state? 😛 not that you dont usually but why.. 😀

  3. there is perfect sense in every line and each line reflects a ray of hope and the possibility of crushing down the impossible! the real essence of an action is nt where it happens but how it happens! nice wrk

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