Nearing the end?Have a Coke!

Today’s post is dedicated to a friend who thinks the world might come to an end on the 21st!

As the idiotic concept of ‘doomsday’ comes near and with the eternal pessimists having the time of their lives,I suddenly remembered a Coca-Cola ad released in India in early 2012.It’s international version “Whatever” was already a hit ofcourse,but what made the Indian version more endearing was one flash line towards the end-

While some believe we are nearing the end, there are 5000000 people sending New Year wishes.

It’s not without reason that some consider it to be the best commercial ever made.
It reminds you that all is not lost in a world where greed, fear,doubt and hatred are becoming commonplace and people look at ways and means to desparately seek happiness.
As the ad ends,
“There are reasons to believe in a better world.”

Here’s to 21st December 2012!CHEERS!


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