Blog under Suspension!

My end-semesters are here!Yes,I am having nightmares.The Engineering Mechanics book is taking the shape of Bin Laden and smiling at me as if I was George.W.Bush.


The blog will be inactive for the next one month.The exams themselves last a week,but I am off to Delhi for a vacation after they end!I will ofcourse try to drop by and read your blogs-hard to resist.
Have a great end to 2012!Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!
As Heineken puts it,”Enjoy Responsibly!”


16 thoughts on “Blog under Suspension!

  1. i posted a comment, that must be in your spam box.

    any way, here it is again, if you want to write the rest of the story of “what is it” then the choice is entirely yours, you can take only the picture, upto “to be continued” or any portion upto which you feel like- you can change the language too if you like it that way.

    will wait to read yours!

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