Quickies #8.

The First Time

The excitement had given way to a lull,even tiredness. She was sitting in the marriage hall surrounded by her cousins and aunts. Her younger cousins were chatting away while the aunts were busy gossiping.Planning what to wear and more importantly what they thought others should wear for the reception.
“So”, began one of her aunts,”Ready for tonight?”.
At this cue, the other women started shooing the kids away. This talk was not meant for their ears. The new bride lowered her eyes and pretended not to understand.
“You know, it’s going to be your first night. I am going to tell you something important”,the older lady proceeded.
So this is going to be sex education, the bride thought, bring it on.

“You all are far advanced from our times,you must be knowing what happens on the first night?”, another aunt quizzed.
The newly-wed,utterly embarrassed,stayed silent.She was thinking about that time,on her tenth birthday,when that same aunt’s husband had put his hands up her skirt. It went on for months. She remembered the time the old man had pressed himself on her in the crowded bus.She had always avoided crowds from that day.She recalled the day the lab attendant had exposed himself to her at the empty college lab. She pushed the thoughts away. The aunt was now giving her a detailed lecture accompanied by giggles and chuckles all around.She wondered if they had the same experiences she had before their ‘first time’…


10 thoughts on “Quickies #8.

  1. It gave me the chills. Completely unexpected. I appreciate your handling of the subject as sensitive as this… no frills, no fancy words: just the bare truth, glintzing in the sun.

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