Unwritten Memories

Eat, drink, sleep, work. The hundred banalities of a nondescript existence. Where is life when you want to describe it?
A request-can you all,for once,curse our education system?!
Here’s a small poem though!

All the doubts I never bared
All the fears I never shared
All the works I would never quote
And all the poems I never wrote.
All the stories that remain untold.
The narrative that is yet to unfold.
Your past and present, all that is hidden.
A half-portrait serendipity drew unbidden.

Those threads of conversations, this tapestry of our making;
From the start, we only wove this tableau of inevitable parting!


14 thoughts on “Unwritten Memories

  1. you guys have successfully convinced me that i am hyperactive, from last month i have been giving you a ten day break/month and am about to do the same till you guys become a little more visible!

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