One Fine Saturday Evening!

Sometimes you don’t know what’s happening with life until one fine evening you realize you have found a place you want to be in!Seven months into college life,I was doing everything any normal first year would do when he comes to a new place,outside the constant watch of his parents,for the first time in his life!Go for first day first shows,order tons of things you don’t need from the internet,bunk classes,sleep late and wake up later!Not saying it wasn’t fun!Still is.For example,after this is done I am off  to buy a new headphone,even though my old one works fine!

Thing is you know all that was dull when you compare that to a thing like what happened today!Which brings us to the question what exactly happened today?
Throw in two dozen excellent speakers in a classroom,the two present literary society co-ordinators and one loved ex-coordinator with a cool job and cooler shades,who found some time out to come back to the place that made him what he is and you know what happened today!’Kronicle’ is the literary society of KIIT University.Today being my first session.I had expected nice stuff,maybe even some ragging here and there.
When I came out,I had come to know among other people,a tribal boy studying here on scholarship,who might not know English properly,but has the courage to join Kronicle and stand up to make points albeit in broken english.The fact that you need not know the “gentlemen’s language” to be a good debater is something I realized when I saw him making his points slowly,yet so confidently!As Soumyajit,ex-coordinator of the society,put it during the session,debating is all about learning from the small qualities in each speaker and then trying to apply it the next time you go up to speak.Also coming to know seniors who take you on your face value and not on your year of seniority is a nice change.Most importantly I am now sure that I have actually ended up in a place where there is a  society I can call home for the next four years!

My Kronicle journey begins,and this deserved a blog post!


18 thoughts on “One Fine Saturday Evening!

  1. 🙂
    While reading this I felt I am in first year..good old days
    u have a diffrnt style of writing Nabadip and its just awesome

  2. arey mere bhai, you remind me of my many memories – i am missing my college!

    good luck to you! remember to fall in love. 😉

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