Quickies #9.

This Quickies is on an old lady I knew and had grown to be fond of.This is also the story of many women her age.
Mrs G.

Everybody thought she was ready to die. After all, she had outlived her entire family.Lost her only daughter, aged 17, tragically to meningitis decades ago. Her husband had passed away quite suddenly last year from a heart attack. What did she have to live for? But at 72,Mrs G had so many things left to do.

Never questioned her parents,cut her hair short, read an English novel,been told ‘I love you’ by her husband,stayed late in bed, chatted with a stranger, wrote a cheque, drove a car, touched snow, tasted meat, screamed out loud, visited another country, learnt French, questioned God.
Never enjoyed life.Never was loved.

She died last Friday. Nobody asked her if she was ready for it.


6 thoughts on “Quickies #9.

  1. Nicely worded. I’m having a tough time processing the age thing though. If Mrs. G was 72 and had lost her 17-year old daughter a decade ago, then that means she had a kid at 45. “Over a decade” could even be 15 years ago and that makes Mrs. G 40 at the time of birth*.That’s tough, medically speaking. Of course, she could’ve adopted, or undergone treatment, or maybe she was just lucky.

    *my logic behind the ’15 years max’ clause being that if it was longer than that, you would’ve written couple of decade ago or almost 20 years ago… get the drift?

    PS: Please excuse the useless comment. I don’t know why that was the first thing that came to mind.

  2. Bro ur all posts are worth reading nd some i found to be awesome. I am a teen and i am very much interested in writings and reading good books. So all i want that if you have some tips to give me on how will i improve my writings. I will be glad if you do so 🙂

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