Always half empty.

” The world seems pretty boring until you stop to think that there are whales. 90ft long and 300,000lb animals who swim around singing sad songs. “

You might ask how I know that they sing sad songs and not anthems of happiness. Well, I do not really. This is just a quote I found on tumblr, not mine. Seemed like a good prompt. Made me wonder how we always presume the worst about people and things around us. How did we get programmed to be anxious, gloomy and so negative about the world around?

When I try answering this, I think of how we find pessimism and anxiety so inherently appealing. A pessimist is someone who knows there are dangers in every street corner and is therefore prepared. On the other hand, the optimist is just a disaster waiting to happen, always inches away from dangers he could not foresee. In our own twisted worlds , we have likened pessimists to realistic individuals know how to keep their heads floating. Look at the success of Republic TV or a TIMES NOW in India (not taking you-know-who’s name). Negativity sells. If you are not from India, you only need to look as far as the success of Mr. Trump during the elections and how he won over an electoral college by selling nothing but fear and hatred. You might reason he was an optimist when he said ” Make America Great Again”. However, with all the things the country has to be proud of, to think that they were not great already takes some real pessimism.

I thought more about it. Why do I myself take a negative view of everything around. It donned on me that pessimism actually hides my flaws from myself. In my own head, I reason, even with my shortcomings I am still better off in comparison to the Mr. J next door. Allow me to explain. What is the first picture that comes to your mind when I say Mr. J is an high ranking government official who gives approvals to PWD contractors. If you did not think about bribes and payouts, congratulations. You are an optimist right there. If you did, or now that I say it think “yeah, that makes sense”, welcome to my world of negativity.  Pessimism always makes us feel better. It has a way to hide the fact that I myself am no where close to being a morally high standing citizen.

+5 for you if you notice the pessimism in my writing. We are all affected it seems.  Let’s make the world optimistic again, maybe?


I am back on the blog after almost a 4 year hiatus and I hope to get going again. To the awesome people who made blogging so rewarding through their comments and engaging through their posts , welcome back to my world!


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