The Proud Father

Many of you might already have read this story from the link on the right side of the blog.Those who haven't here's something from the archives!The one that started it all so to speak!Have been a little busy over the past week,but regular posts coming up from tomorrow! **The Proud Father** Reach for the stars...That’s … Continue reading The Proud Father


The Kolkata Literary Meet 2013

Today's post is a little different.Call it being grateful or just proud of the event,I just could not but share the giant strides the Kolkata Literary Meet is taking in just it's second edition.Then again to say that it is taking giant strides would perhaps be doing injustice to the first edition which saw the … Continue reading The Kolkata Literary Meet 2013

making sense.

"Mr.Gupta,Mr.Gupta! Come back here I request you for god's sake!" But Mr.Gupta swings his head like a pendulum, apparently to say no and keeps walking towards the huge front gates, staggering and swaying to keep balance. I hold back my urge to shout again and run after him. Moments later, standing and staring into his … Continue reading making sense.

Kreativ Blogger Award

Much as I pretend to be inert to the effects of praise,I can't help but feel overjoyed when I get award nominations from fellow bloggers! This time it's the Kreativ Blogger Award and I have been nominated by Anne Alias ( Gentleladies and men (no that's not a mistake,I prefer it that way), please click … Continue reading Kreativ Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Second award in a day?! Not really! My Word Your (habiba danyal )had nominated me for this award some time back,but as things go,I noticed it today!I can't thank you enough! If any of you still haven't seen her blog,do so now! You,my dear reader,would come to know what the word versatile means! … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award

The Beautiful Blog Award

And that's my first award nomination!Are you clapping?! Do! Have received the nomination from TheStm198 ( and that makes it all the more satisfying,because her's is indeed one of the most beautiful blogs around!Thank You! Here are my nominations..reasons included! 1.Kam's Column For being so inspirational,both in his posts and more so in … Continue reading The Beautiful Blog Award