College Life-It’s Started!

  Here are just some of the things I have been up to in the last one and a half months!Hope it brings back memories of your college days! ........................................   1.Physics test the day after.Everywhere you look you see tense faces.The first real test in college afterall!There are four of us in my room.Watching … Continue reading College Life-It’s Started!


Life & Times of a FOOL

A very usual trick of duping is carried out in petrol pumps across Calcutta,especially in the northern fringes of the city. Let's say you go to a petrol station and put fuel for Rs 100. (bad example.With petrol prices being what they are,who would do a 100.Anyway,let's SUPPOSE!) You give the guy Rs 500 and … Continue reading Life & Times of a FOOL

Come Again?!

A word is a word is a word... but what if the word isn't a word? Stumbled upon this great article today which takes a long hard look at words which should have existed, but don't. Here are a few gems reproduced for your eyes only! anecdultery : the moment you are halfway through telling … Continue reading Come Again?!

My Wishlist!

Just some things I wanted to achieve before I started college...None achieved with less then a month to go!There's still time to get a few done though! [x] Done something inexplicably stupid [x] Had a "I was so close to Death" story [x] Had a 'when I was your age' conversation with somebody two years … Continue reading My Wishlist!

Lo Behold!

Continuing with the theme of that horrible subject we call MATHS,today I am going to share a photo which shows how we can fight back! Now,over the years I have had the fortune of coming in contact with some stalwarts in the field of maths,as we like to call them,or with some pain-in-the-arses as the … Continue reading Lo Behold!

You Want Proof?? I Will Give You Proof!

This post is the compilation of various ways to prove something you just can't prove:p The line taken by students such as me to solve those terrifying questions that stare back at you insolently from the maths textbook & dare you to prove THEIR existence! Here goes.Enjoy! ------------ *Proof by Obviousness: "The proof is so … Continue reading You Want Proof?? I Will Give You Proof!

An Egg,Revisited

Remember the rhyme? "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men Couldn't put Humpty together again" Well,first up,here's what wikipedia says,and then gentleladies and men,for the lack of better things to do I revisit the rhyme that I hummed in the vain … Continue reading An Egg,Revisited