Yes gentleladies and men-Nabadip's Blog completes one year today! (Couldn't resist the signature greeting from my earlier posts!) If I say it feels good I would be understating the obvious!Looking back I have got countless memories.It's been one great journey.This is the blog that gave me an identity,this is the blog that changed me to … Continue reading Blogversary!


It’s 10000 Hits Day!

And there it is. Yes,gentleladies and men,(as my regular readers would know,that's how I like to put it!)this blog has now recieved 10000 hits! When I started six months ago,I had no idea I would be here so soon,that you all would respond so positively to what I write and make my blog attain whatever … Continue reading It’s 10000 Hits Day!

A Pat On My Back AND Thank You!

I don't really care much about statistics,but i would be lying if i say that i am not overwhelmed by the response this blog has received from everyone of you out there! It's been two weeks since i started(having opened shop on 27th march) and 14 days later I find my blog has generated a … Continue reading A Pat On My Back AND Thank You!