Yes gentleladies and men-Nabadip’s Blog completes one year today!
(Couldn’t resist the signature greeting from my earlier posts!)

If I say it feels good I would be understating the obvious!Looking back I have got countless memories.It’s been one great journey.This is the blog that gave me an identity,this is the blog that changed me to a better person,this is the blog which made me meet some wonderful people and this is the blog that never makes me feel alone!
A huge thank you to my 500 odd followers who drop by when I write nonsense to let me know what they think and most of the times surprise me by praising what I write!

I would like to share the links of blogs of the four people who encouraged me the most when I started off.I would not be writing this post today without your kind words at that time!
Thank You Kam,Amit,Habiba,Kriti!
Kam’s Lens
Personal Concerns
My Word Your
Faces Places Paces

And this great friend who constantly encourages me to write more and aim higher!
She has around 10 blogs,but I guess one would serve it’s purpose!
Thank You Sharmistha!
Sharmistha Basu’s Poetry

Keep Reading,Keep Blogging:)

It’s 10000 Hits Day!

And there it is.


Yes,gentleladies and men,(as my regular readers would know,that’s how I like to put it!)this blog has now recieved 10000 hits!
When I started six months ago,I had no idea I would be here so soon,that you all would respond so positively to what I write and make my blog attain whatever little success it has.I had no idea I would make so many blogging friends!The last six months has been one hell of a ride,and no the driver isn’t hanging up his boots just yet!
No journey starts without a catalyst.In my case,it was winning the first prize in English story-writing category at the Kolkata Literary Meet.The icing on the cake was being awarded the prize by Vikram Seth.Till that point I knew I could write well,but winning such a big prize gave me the confidence to dream big,and blogging was a natural extension,or maybe a starting step to bigger things!Thus started this blog,and the rest as they,is history.Thank you KLM!

It hasn’t been plain sailing all the way.There have been times when the lack of response has troubled me.However,all I needed to get over those momentary setbacks was the reminder to myself that I write for myself and not because I want more views!Page views,likes,followers are fine,but I think at the end of the day we will all agree that we write for ourselves.Of course any praise that it gets naturally feels good!
I will end today’s post by thanking each and everyone for your every single like,comment,view and follow on Nabadip’s Blog!You make it special!
Here are 5 posts, that I think are the best of this blog,in no specific order! and war-a short story
5.Throw The Guitar Out Next Time You Get Caught !

Cheers and happy reading!

A Pat On My Back AND Thank You!

I don’t really care much about statistics,but i would be lying if i say that i am not overwhelmed by the response this blog has received from everyone of you out there!
It’s been two weeks since i started(having opened shop on 27th march) and 14 days later I find my blog has generated a 1000 HITS!!!

Here’s a huge thank you to each and everyone of you who have taken the trouble of reading my posts!Some of you have even gone on to like and comment on the posts,so a bigger thank you!Dash it all,some of you have praised the way I write(er,type!),so you get the biggest thank you!
Keep them coming please!
Let’s hope i continue to make you laugh,i continue to make you think and I continue to receive your hits!
Next stop 10K