Delhi Postcards & The 2012 Blog Report!

Hello there!And there! Keeping in mind that I have to make up for the lost time,I would like to hit the ground running!Posts,therefore will be coming up thick and fast. To start off here are some photos from my Delhi trip. Inspite of all the attention it is getting for all the wrong-and sad-reasons,Delhi chose … Continue reading Delhi Postcards & The 2012 Blog Report!


The Dhauli Peace Pagoda

Dhauli Hills, a 30 minute journey from Bhubaneswar is supposed to be the area where the Battle of Kalinga was fought.The same battle which led Emperor Ashoka take up the cause of peace and Buddhism after he realized the extent of loss and destruction,and even more important,the death of millions of soldiers.The Daya river which … Continue reading The Dhauli Peace Pagoda

The South Park Street Cemetry

Ok,so this type of a post is completely new ground for me! Here are some photos of The South Park Street Cemetry in Calcutta I took on a visit with friends,around two years ago.Opened in 1767 and closed in 1790,it had slipped into near oblivion,due to lack of care and shoddy maintainence.However,when the screen adaptation … Continue reading The South Park Street Cemetry