What Is India?

Was in the main market zone of Bhubaneswar a few days ago.It goes by the name of Unit III.While waiting for some Papri Chaat ,saw these two ladies.Foreigners.They came up to the Papri Chaat stall and started taking photos.Of what?No,not the Papri Chaat being made,nor of the man making it,but the photo of the fact … Continue reading What Is India?


Oh,there we go again!

I don't understand all the ruckus caused by the newest leak from the stables of the Indian government.Did i hear an "Again?".Huh,this time we can't even blame Wikileaks! In this case,it's a letter from the Chief of Army Staff Gen.V.K.Singh to PM Manmohan Singh in which he bluntly more or less,writes that the Indian Army … Continue reading Oh,there we go again!


In India,we try everything possible 2 stop a writer from coming to a literary meet because you see,he expressed some religious views in a book some 24 yrs ago...but mind you,WE aRe A DEMOCRACY! We grant election tickets 2 candidates not on the basis of merit,but on the basis of if or nt they have … Continue reading INDIA!!