The Boy Who Knew Too Much

This is a story i promised a friend a month ago in response to her post.Finally,here it is Sharmishtha ! Here is the link to her post .Do drop by her blog.Er,did I say 'blog'?!Sorry,I take that back.Because you see she has eight blogs,and no the quality does not suffer due to the quantity in … Continue reading The Boy Who Knew Too Much


The Proud Father

Many of you might already have read this story from the link on the right side of the blog.Those who haven't here's something from the archives!The one that started it all so to speak!Have been a little busy over the past week,but regular posts coming up from tomorrow! **The Proud Father** Reach for the stars...That’s … Continue reading The Proud Father

Quickies #8.

The First Time ....................... The excitement had given way to a lull,even tiredness. She was sitting in the marriage hall surrounded by her cousins and aunts. Her younger cousins were chatting away while the aunts were busy gossiping.Planning what to wear and more importantly what they thought others should wear for the reception. "So", began … Continue reading Quickies #8.

making sense.

"Mr.Gupta,Mr.Gupta! Come back here I request you for god's sake!" But Mr.Gupta swings his head like a pendulum, apparently to say no and keeps walking towards the huge front gates, staggering and swaying to keep balance. I hold back my urge to shout again and run after him. Moments later, standing and staring into his … Continue reading making sense.


It was past midnight. The streets of Calcutta bore a deserted look. In a corner of Central Avenue a child cried alone in a basket originally meant for fruits. A car passing by screeched to halt on spotting the basket.Ayon and Rhea were returning from another of those meaningless parties they went to in an … Continue reading Fate.

Love And War-a short story.

Wrote this story today...Hope you like it,and yes,you might think the story's ended before it actually has,so read the entire thing! - The sound of guns had receded.The hills were now silent. The sky had no birds.The war had ended. So had the village. Only the punctured houses reminded of something wrong. Twelve miles away … Continue reading Love And War-a short story.